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Who We Are

At Dawson Architects, we work closely with our clients to create spaces that inspire and stand the test of time. Our dedication to client service, design creativity and innovative problem solving enables us to meet each client’s individual needs and exceed their expectations. We have been honing our design skill and technical expertise for over 16 years, first as Dawson & Wissmach and now as Dawson Architects.  We are passionate about creating historically, socially and environmentally conscious designs.

Regional Experience

Over the years we have developed relationships with local engineering consultants and construction managers, which allow us to create cohesive designs from start to finish.  In addition, our familiarity with local design standards and construction techniques are invaluable assets to the work we do.

Design and Technical Expertise

We take great pride in our reputation for design quality and our ability to deliver projects on schedule and within budget, while being good stewards of client resources. Our team has the capacity, experience, skill and energy needed to complete a wide variety of project sizes and types. Leveraging the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our professional staff, our uniquely inspired designs are conceived utilizing cutting edge BIM technology. The Dawson Team has been awarded over 20 Historic Preservation Awards over the years and continues to raise the bar of excellence with each new enterprise.

Dawson Architects expertise lies in historic preservation, resort amenities, conference/meeting spaces, retail and restaurants, sustainability and custom residential. This range of work has been completed from Charleston, South Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida.

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